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This has been, by far (and I write this as I create 5b which may disprove this) the most playable game I've create thus far. It's actually kind of fun! The goal of the game is to collect the special asteroids that are passing by the giant asteroid you happen to be controling a turret from. The trick here is that the projectiles are not simply shot from a cannon... they are accelerating missles. When you charge the cannon, a missle does not shoot at that speed, it accelerates at the rate... The goal is not to blow the asteroids up; in fact, that's a bad thing! If you hit them too fast, you will destroy the asteroid.

There are three types of asteroids: normal, copper, and gold. Each asteroid will give you different points based on it's size, speed, and type. The smaller sizes are worth more and that size variable is added to the velocity of the asteroid to create the total score obtainable by collecting it. This is my first "point-and-shoot" game and I found it not only enjoyable to play, but enjoyable to make. I was quite pleased with my charging tool because it is fairly user friendly, looks cool, and for the first time, a player can use a keyboard instead of a mouse in one of my games (if they choose to...).