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This is the last game of the "Rolling Robot - A Mailbot Challenge" and I think it's a good one. The idea of this game is to create a more fun Frogger-like way to explore vector addition on a more subliminal level. Basically the player is asked to preset the velocity and angles of the bot across three conveyer belts using the circular dynamic vector controls. The object is to collect enough of the packages to move on to the next level. There are 5 levels. If the player passes all five levels, they win.

This game was by far the largest game I had made to date. It heavily utilizes random number generation and object duplication. I did this because I wanted each gaming experience to be unique. For instance, the prizes and traps (first seen in level 2) are randomly generated and placed between the conveyers. This is so that a player cannot simply remember how to beat the game. Also, the conveyers will change to a random direction and speed at the start of each new level. Moreover, there is an occational hidden super package that appears behind the controls after the bot begins moving. This was the first of my games that used real hit detection.