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This is the first game I've ever made in my life and only the third thing I've ever done in Flash. It's certainly not fantastically fun (not fun at all, really), but, the real purpose of this game is to train. You will see a trend with every other game listed in this series. The first game is a training game (quizzes and such) and the second game will actually be more of a game. The games should get increasingly better and more fun as my experience making them increases. I made all the graphics and wrote all of the code and was a large contributor to the overall concept of the game.

The game is normally displayed at 800x600 resolution, so, it may be difficult to read the small print seeing as this is about half that size. Also, at the end, if it gives you an error when you press the "Ok, I'm ready" button, don't worry about it—it's trying to call a function I created to send the user back to the 3D game world and it is not available on this site for obvious reasons.