Vista Beta 2 Preview

There are two very important items to note about this website. For one, I was the Project Manager and Lead Programmer—I did not design the graphics or video or make any real decisions on either. My main position on this Production I project team was "project manager" (of all 30+ students). This was a bit of a joke, but, the site ended up turning out okay. Unfortunately, no one in the class was well-versed in CSS. No one... So, on top of making sure that the art and video teams were on task, I was constantly tutoring the programming team on how to code the site correctly. I ended up having to do it myself at the last minute.

After the real-world clients saw our product, they were very pleased with it (it was an extreme improvement over the previous one). Actually, they were so pleased that I offered up my server-side programming skills to code, design, & create a working PHP and MySQL driven system that they could securely log in to and update their site (they were older ladies with very minimal computing experience). You can access this using the bottom-right-hand link "Admin". User: admin | pass: csc . This has been changed on the official site, so, there shouldn't be any security issues here... :)

I tend to offer up my managerial skills when ever I can because I feel that I am skilled at it. I believe that this site does, in fact, prove this.

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