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Wrote my first 'blog' article about my new project codenamed The Inkling Project. Check it out here: The Inkling Project.



I've been working on building an enterprise-level portal system for Info tech from the ground up using PHP on the back end and jQuery for the UI.


I've started working on my fiance and I's wedding page again. Check it out:


Started working at Info Tech, Inc. in Gainesville, FL as a Web Progammer.


I've recently added 2 new websites, 1 iPhone site, and updated my resume.


I've recently added 3 new graphics and 1 new video game.

Kyle Farris in Las Vegas

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I began my college career as a Computer Engineering major but after nearly 2 years of total torture and blatant personal dishonesty, I decided to pursue a career that I not only would excel at but also one that I would enjoy doing for the majority of the time I have to spend on this lovely planet of ours. I'm now a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando. I obtained a B.A. in Digital Media.

To speak briefly about my professional career, I suppose it all really began as a high school student who’s aspirations were far greater than many of my peers’. In this high school era of my life, my father decided that it’d be best that I work for his home-building company primarily because he wanted to show what life would be like if I didn’t attend college. Needless to say, construction is not the career path that I have chosen. Thank you dad...

I began working on web sites as a hobby with . It was a good idea but I didn’t have enough experience under my belt at the time to pull it off. One good thing did come out of it, though, and that is that I began seriously exploring the possibilities of becoming an expert in all types of digital media. Around April 2006, I began work on a site for Southern Orchid Development . I have since developed an advanced CMS and Task Management System in PHP and MySQL for it. Between April 2006 and April 2007, I had grown to arguably the most advanced undergraduate web developer in the Department of Digital Media. On a side note, some say I am also a good graphic designer!

I continue to expand my horizons everyday - I’m always trying something new simply for the love of it. If you’d like to see some of my work, please visit my portfolio section. I currently have two jobs. For one, I work at the UCF Institute for Simulation and Training in the RetroLab working as a Flash Developer and Python Programmer for a game called Lunar Quest. However, my primary job is as an Information Services personnel/Web Developer at InfoTech, Inc. in Gainesville, FL. Thanks for visiting!